My name is Heather Diamond, and these pages were created as my Independent Study Project with help from Clancy Wolf. This site allows you to see what fungi have been found and identified at IslandWood, as well as where and when they were fruiting.

Fungi are one of the decomposers; they help to break down organic materiel and turn it into soil. Additionally, many fungi have mutually beneficial relationships with living trees, helping them acquire more nutrients from the soil in exchange for sugars.

In Washington, we are blessed with a huge diversity of fungi in all shapes, sizes, and colors. What fungi do we have at IslandWood? Where is it growing? When is it growing? Will it grow in the same place at the same time every year? With these pages, I hope to provide a useful tool to help students, grads, staff, and any and all mushroom lovers identify and study fungi.

I hope these pages will help increase awareness of the important role fungi play in the world and inspire you to open your eyes to all this quiet but essential part of our environment.

- Heather